All the Feels

So this is my first post for this section and I wanted to explain why I called it “Feels”. It has been hard for me to share myself with everyone. It has always been hard to just relax and be me. I think growing up with so many quirks and never being the person people expected me to be made me feel as though it was something I should hide at all costs. Over the past three years, I have spent a lot of time asking myself what it is I really like and who I really am. So I called this more blog-like section “Feels” because it’s where I am going to share all the feels about who I am now and what I think about food, health and lifestyle choices.

My first big feel is about Instagram. I’ve always liked Instagram, but I definitely thought it was basic and another internet trap. I thought it was a place for vain people to post selfies and count likes. I was wrong. Well, I wasn’t completely wrong. There are those people there and there are people who are doing incredible amazing things for themselves, for their communities and the world. There is an intensely positive group of people who empower and uplift each other to do good. When I realized this I was hooked.

I became hooked for another reason too. I have always suffered from various allergies and have struggled forever with how to be “normal” while not harming myself. I have been every kind of person with allergies you can be. The “I don’t care if I get sick this thing is sooooo good” person, the “I’m only gonna cheat if it’s really worth it” person and the “super strict, not letting any of this in my house” person. I never thought of being the “sharing all of my struggles so that maybe it could help someone” person. It is crazy how self-involved we can be without even noticing. Instagram allowed me to take all that time I used hurting myself and feeling bad for myself and use it to help others.

(Like duh! Right?!) 

That brings me to the reason why I started posting on Insta again. I started this whole journey to help people. I was always taught to help people however I can as often as I can. My parents both gave of their time and talents and even opened our home to help those in need. I have struggled with how best I could use my talents to help people and then it dawned on me…. food! I have always loved food. It was that love that saw me through finding about new allergies and Celiac and my husband’s lactose intolerance. If food could do all that for me what could it do for other people. I did some research and couldn’t find charities that lined up with what my goals were and what I thought was important. So I just started posting on Instagram and hoped whatever I needed to do would kind of reveal itself.

(Me and my mama) 
Anyways here we are now. I am shaking and feel nauseous even typing this, but here are my feels. Hopefully as time goes on I can add more! Love you to pieces! 





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