The Whole30 Veggie Style

Whole30 Veggie Style This is my guide to doing the Whole30 veggie style and getting the most out of it! I would like to preface this with that if you are trying to do the Whole30 exclusively to lose weight you may want to reevaluate. I gained a lot from doing this and I will tell you that it is because I came into this with a growth mindset. I wanted to change and to grow and be better. The things I have learned from doing this will stay with me forever and are also the only reason I would suggest this to other people. This can change your life! I hate to say it, but losing weight alone won’t. I have been every size under the sun and I have never had a healthy relationship with food until now. So without further ado I bring you the guide to your best Whole30 veggie style!

Vegan/Vegetarian Whole30

The MOST important thing you can do is plan!

I will say it again

The MOST important thing you can do is plan!

Especially if you are vegan this is absolutely crucial. There’s not a lot of room for error and you are working with a deck that’s short a few cards. Do I think you need to have every meal planned out to perfection? No, I think a rough guide would do! That being said, make sure you understand and love that rough guide or it won’t be the only thing that’s rough! I made the mistake of figuring a Larabar was enough to keep me satisfied through lunch and I was wrong. Very wrong.

That brings me to my next point, which is know and understand your protein choices. What I mean is that if you relied heavily on store made protein sources most of them include soy/gluten and are full of some other not so Whole30 ingredients. My thought when I approaching this was to limit soy as much as possible (gluten is always cut out for me) and supplement with other proteins that are describing in the original Whole30 as things you should limit. I felt as though erring on the side of eating more of compliant foods would give me better results, and I think I was right!

So for protein I used more almond butter, hemp seeds and various approved nuts to try to fill in the gaps. The biggest concern for me as far as protein was not getting a ton of it (I’m not a body builder), but eating enough of it that I would stay full for longer. If you doing it vegetarian style I would reccomend brushing up on your egg making skills just so they don’t get boring for you. Outside of that cauliflower is an awesome choice for some added protein as well green beans and cooked kale. I tried very hard to avoid leaning on tofu or other soy based protein options. If that’s where your comfort zone is, though, realize that overall you want to change your relationship with food so it’s important not make it impossible.

My final tip is exactly what I just said. If you make this too restrictive and make it impossible to do reasonably you will, of course, fail. What I learned was more important than everything (except planning, please plan haha!) was to adhere to the spirit of the Whole30. Don’t eat the foods that aren’t allowed, don’t snack or binge, eat three meals, don’t give yourself treats or rewards. That’s it. If you take a moment to ask yourself if the choice you are about to make is in the spirit of Whole30 you will do much better than if you stress about doing everything perfectly the whole time.

So once you’ve picked your date to start and understand what you want your Whole30 to look like you can go to my Whole30 Veggie Style Shopping Guide and start planning your menu and grocery run!


Jessica Kapusta

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