Gluten Free and Vegan Guide – Columbus

One of the most frequent conversations I have is where should we go to eat. I like to go out with friends and before my diagnosis, I went out all of the time. I used to pride myself on being a foodie and I would still like to think I am one. So I decided to put together the most comprehensive lists I can of places I’ve actually been to (and survived). This way you’ll know where to go and what to really expect. So the next time you or your friend who’s visiting need a place to go you have some great starters.


These restaurants give you vegan food the way it’s been for years. Less fancy frills, more real, nourishing food. These are great for the health-obsessed and those who can’t have a meal out without some hipster vibes.


This is a healthy eater’s paradise! Everything is plant based and gluten free. EVERYTHING! No need to worry about cross-contamination or mislabeled menu items. All of the food is good for you too! The taste profile here is definitely more for people who are already healthy eaters or appreciate that stereotypical healthy taste. I really enjoyed it, but note it’s not for everyone.

Two Dollar Radio-

This is as much of sightseeing stop as it is a great place to grab a bite to eat. It functions as a book publisher and cafe. There is plenty to look at and skim and it is definitely child-friendly. That being said, there are well-crafted cocktails for the adult crowd too. Their food is also more geared to the healthy eater. While I would say there’s more crossover and the environment is worth the stop, I would keep that in mind!


Here are some great options if you want to go out with multiple people who aren’t all following the same diet. These places also have great options for all kinds of other diets and are super accommodating.

Yellow Brick-

Yellow Brick delivers on the hipster and the pizza (well they don’t actually deliver, the only downside). All of their gluten-free and vegan options are spot on! This is a crowd-pleasing approachable place that’s cool enough for your coolest friends.


Brassica is amazing! Hands down so good! Make sure you mention any allergies you have, but they have a ton of options for pretty much anyone! The flavors are a little complex for picky eaters, but there are fries and pita with hummus for those peeps too. It can get very crowded during lunch and dinner hours so try to plan your trip for off hours! I will tell you it’s worth the wait!


Acre is your farm-to-table loving heart’s best friend. The dishes are rich with produce and there are options for every kind of eater. You can also order online and pick up and they have nitro cold brew. That may not be a selling point for anyone else, but that sealed the deal with me!

North Star Cafe-

North Star Cafe is the iconic laid back, not bad for you unless you want it to be, whole food kind of place. We have taken so many people here over the years and they have all loved it. It now has several locations around the Columbus area (and growing) so it’s easily reachable no matter where you’re staying. It’s also super affordable, even if you have a drink!

***Side Note: I literally went there this weekend with some who prefers more high-end flavor profiles, 3 vegans, a pescatarian, 1 gluten-free person, 1 just generally health conscious person, and 2 people doing Keto and everyone was happy. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!***


Is tacos and margaritas and everything associated with those things. They do an amazing job mixing flavors and give you so many options there’s bound to be a little something for everyone. I have never been disappointed by a trip here! This is perfect for a group of friends. I will let you know they may sit you at communal tables so if there’s a person in your party who doesn’t like that you may want to pick somewhere else.

Hai Poke –

This another fast casual place that has great food and lots of options for everyone. It’s definitely got that sushi feel so it may not be for people who can’t get into that, but they have options that would make it feel less sushi-like if need be.


Or when you have fancy people come to town and you know the order then seat yourself situation is NOT going to work!

The Sycamore

This place is the perfect mashup of a nice night out and approachable food. They will work you to make anything happen! They are flexible and the staff is knowledgeable. Plus they have things like burgers and wings for the pickier eaters.


Is one of the most iconic restaurants to get food in Columbus. It’s definitely fancy and they are so flexible! They will make magic happen for you even if it’s not on the menu. We have never been disappointed by an experience here.

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