The Truth About Wine

I actually enjoy reading scientific articles and I have a few that are regularly sent to my inbox. My inner nerd loves learning about all the newly emerging science and what that means for our health and wellness in the future. I did a lot of reading about wine before I began to write and was going to dive into some great explanation of every component of why you should or why you shouldn’t drink wine and then I decided it easier to just go with the reality…

Wine is not good for you.

Alcohol is not good for you in any of its forms and that’s just the facts. I think the search to figure out if wine is good for you is the same way we search for a healthy alternative to any of the things we love. It’s like how we create “healthy” desserts and “healthy” snacks. It gives us a pass to do something we really enjoy and feel less guilty about it. I don’t fault anyone who does this, but the reality is a snack is a snack and dessert is dessert. They are not innately healthy things and just because we removed some of the crap it does not make them anything you need to eat. You eat them because you want a snack or you want dessert.

I drink wine because I want to drink wine. I like the little buzz and how calm I feel. Our bodies are amazing and capable of cleaning out so much garbage. We are literally made to withstand some indulgence. My point is that if you want wine, that’s fine! Your body knows what to do with wine and your health won’t be ruined. I think it’s just important to acknowledge that it is something that is NOT nourishing your body. It is something that is nourishing other your mind and soul possibly, but not your body. I think sometimes when we say stuff is healthy we let the wheels come off and go crazy, but that isn’t sustainable.

So you have your glass (or two) of wine and I’ll have mine! *Virtual Cheers*

Also, if you want a deal on wine that can be delivered to your front door, go to and get you some!

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