Want Me To Cook For You?

I am one of those people who isn’t happy unless I’m invested in at least 5 projects at once. So naturally, when I decided to start a business it quickly became this multifaceted monster of a thing. And while I have recently been told that everything comes in due time I have decided to launch a pop-up of sorts. I have been chatting a bit about it over on Instagram and I don’t want to leave you lovelies out!

So here it is! It’s called Cater The Whole Thing. It is whole-food, organic, plant-based, gluten-free deliciousness brought right to your door. Well, if you live in central Ohio! The menu is simple and filled with classics that will taste just like the original. Feel free to browse the menu below or use the form to go ahead an order. And definitely feel free to email any questions to CaterTheWholeThing@gmail.com. I will be launching a December Holiday menu soon too!

Whole Thing Thanksgiving.jpg

To place an order you just need to fill out this online form. I am so excited to be able to cook for some of you this holiday season!


Jessica Kapustaimage



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