Holiday Gift Guide – Host(ess) Gifts

I’ve rounded up all my favorite gifts for the foodie who always feeds you! These gifts are all under $25 and are the perfect thing to give to the hostess or host with the most. Some of these would be great combined together and I have linked them all to Amazon so you can even just have them delivered to you. All you need is 2 days notice to be the best gifter ever! How did we even gift before Prime?!?

The Bartender

These are the perfect gifts for the host with flare. These fun little add-ons help to round out their bar and make you look like a star 😉 

The Self Care Junkie

These gifts are for that person you know takes the day after a party slow. They love a good scent, a bath or just some “me” time. I like these gifts because it’s kind of like you’re giving them some love in return for the love they dished out for you! 

The Green Thumb

If your host is good at growing things and would love to have their own gourmet garden these are for them!   

The Kitchen Manager

The perfect gifts to spruce a kitchen especially for the person who spends all their time there. I would also accept any of these gifts as well! *hint* *hint*

This list should have a few things that might be a little different and fun to give to your hosts over the holidays. Like I said these are my favorite gifts to give and think it’s nice to make them extra special. So instead of bringing along a bottle of wine (I mean I don’t think anyone dislikes that ha!) or flowers maybe opt for something like this!

2 Replies to “Holiday Gift Guide – Host(ess) Gifts”

  1. Jess,
    Some really creative gift ideas.
    If I just share your post with someone can they begin to follow you or do they need to sign up somehow?
    Love ya,

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