Holiday Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers

I love giving gifts so much, but I don’t have endless amounts of money to find everyone the perfect gift so I love to get a few stocking stuffers. I used these for Scott and my’s younger cousins and they have been perfect for neighbors too! These are all under $15 and linked to Amazon so gift away!!!

The Budding Instagram Star

These gifts are for the budding blogger, podcaster or grammer in your life. Help them realize all of their social media #goals with these fun accessories, some of which are owned by yours truly! 

The Snarkster

This collect is for that person who would rather have you read it because they really don’t care to say it to you. Every bone in their body is sarcastic and you love them anyway!

The Plant Lady

These gifts are for the person in your life who has a house that is slowly turning into a jungle!

The Gadgeteer

We all have a person who has an app for everything and tool to fix problems they don’t have. These gifts are sure to make all their MacGyver dreams come true! 


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