Company Crush – Lotus Foods

We all know that there are good products and bad products out there. It’s gotten harder and harder to figure who is actually providing you with the best product, with the least waste, and is actually giving back. Then you also want to know that they care about you the consumer, their employees and anyone else who may be involved in getting that product into grocery stores.

So for that reason, I am starting a weekly blog post on a company I’m crushing on. These will all be companies I’ve actually had real-life interactions with and who stand out in big ways. This way the next time you’re at the grocery store and need some help you’ll know more about the brands you’re staring at! 

Lotus Foods

My Instagram feed is full of Lotus Foods products mostly for one reason, they are very good. Before I knew anything about their company I knew their rice ramen and it introduced me to all their other wonderful products.

Rice Ramen

You may not know this, but most ramen is made with wheat noodles and therefore I couldn’t have it. Moreover, the ramen sold at grocery stores was ALL made with wheat flour. I would always casually keep an eye to see if there we ever any ramen products I could eat and then one day I saw it!

Rice ramen!!! And it came in different varieties of rice?!? What?! Then I start reading the label and find out that not only does it come in different colors (which is so fun, am I right?), but those different colors provide you with different benefits. So now I’m super interested, I buy a few to try and I go home and check out this company. 

The Company

This is where my jaw hit the floor. You will almost never find a food company that cares so much about the people actually growing their food. We all know rice and some of us even know how it’s grown. Did you know that most of it is grown, inefficiently, by women bent over in fields of standing water? Or that chemicals and massive amounts of seeds are used to improve yields? That all came as surprise to me and then I found out that none of that needed to be the case. 

Lotus helps its farmers to use a system called System of Rice Intensification.  It’s a really ingenious growing strategy that produces higher yields of rice with less effort, more sanitary conditions, less seed, no chemicals, non-GMO, and all sustainably. Talk about making all my crunchy, granola hippy dreams come true!  The video below goes into more depth: 

Here’s a video on the impact it has on the women who farm so much of the rice we eat. They spend so much time bent over that eventually they become stuck in that position! 

So basically buying rice from Lotus Foods is not just supporting an awesome company, but it’s making rice and lives better around the globe! They don’t just have rice ramen by the way! They also have: 

You can find their products at Whole Foods, on their website, and a lot of other big grocery stores as well. So next time you see them make sure you give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!


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