Linguine with Healthy Creamy Tomato Sauce

Old me: did cleanses and drank green juice for the month of January. New me: doing things that actually make me feel good. That’s how this pasta was born. I totally get starting fresh in January, take a look at my post about it, but I wanted to try not feeling totally deprived for a change. So I’ve been looking for easy ways to tweak old recipes so they fit in with my goals for this next year.

This pasta totally delivers on healthy and delicious. It feels just as creamy and filling as the original, but it’s vegan and high in protein and fiber (those things that make you feel full)! It’s also pretty easy as well!

Basically, the best healthy creamy tomato sauce ever on my favorite pasta!
Here’s a quick video of how I got it done in about 20 min!


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