Rincon, Puerto Rico – Where to eat?

I knew nothing about Rincon when I decided to plan my birthday trip, but it ended up being the best place I could have gone! It is a resort town, a lot of people from San Juan have a place there for weekends and vacation, and draws a lot of surfers. Since this is the case there is really laid back vibe, but plenty to do and see. This also means that there is tons of healthy food!!!

I was honestly nervous about going to Puerto Rico because I was told by several people that it would be really difficult for me to eat, but in Rincon it was totally the opposite. I honestly wish I could transport some of those restaurants back here and also the avocados the size of your head!

I will get into the activities later, but for now here’s the best places (in no particular order) with healthy options to fill your belly!


Like all of the restaurants in Rincon the menu changes daily based on what’s available to them (which I freakin loved because like yes give me all the fresh and in season!) and while we were there the featured this spicy Thai green curry that was amazing! I also had their Pad Thai and it was A-MAZE-ZHUNG! They are also open in the evenings while a lot of these other places are only open during the day.


Again I ordered the same thing and got two very different meals, but it didn’t matter because they were both delicious! Basically their whole menu can be made vegan and gluten-free so I was there several times over our week in Rincon. I also had not one bad thing! Everything was delicious even down to their health infused cocktails. I cannot suggest it more!

Platanos Loco

There is a standing food truck park and, if you didn’t know this, Scott is obsessed with going to food truck parks. I knew there wasn’t going to be any way to avoid it so we went and I found Platanos Loco! They are completely gluten-free because the use plantains for everything and they had a veggie burger that you even get with vegan cheese! Oh it was delicious!

Baked in Rincon

There is a farmer’s market in the downtown of Rincon on Sundays and there are also some awesome ladies whipping healthy baked goods and these spectacular bowls. I was honestly sad I couldn’t get these everyday I was there because it was so perfect to walk around with!

Karibe Kombucha

So this is technically food, although they do have smoothies, but I did stop her several times and every was amazing! I especially liked the their morning magic! I love to drink booch when I’m traveling because (could be total placebo effect) I feel like it helps to balanced out my gut so I was so excited to find them 🙂

Jack’s Shack

This was the ultimate surfer refueling station. Everything was healthy and fresh! It was a great place to grab breakfast and there was always a line. They also carried a lot of other local brands goods so it’s a good place to stop and try it all!

Julee Cooks

Julee catering a wine tasting we went to and her food was amazing! She does events throughout the area and was doing a pop up De La Tierra while we there. I would definitely stop by if you see she’s whipping up the food. She does whole-food focused plant based and it was super tasty.

Arepas To Go & More

So technically these guys are in Aguadilla, buuuuuttt it’s definitely worth the twenty minute drive to go see them! The options were endless which meant I ordered like five things and they were all delicious. I honestly am drooling thinking about them right, now! It was every minute 🙂

So yeah basically I was living my best life, eating all the food and soaking up everything RIncon had to offer! I highly suggest checking it out!


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