Traveling Restrictions – Traveling With Allergies/Intolerances/Preferences

I love to travel, but travel is difficult when you have to make considerations around food. Will they have anything you can eat? Will it be more than a salad? It can be a little frustrating and navigating allergies/intolerances/preferences in new place can be a little overwhelming. I have become a pro at finding food I can eat pretty much anywhere so I thought I’d walk you through my process when I’m traveling somewhere new. 

Google It. 

Google is such a large database of data and you easily find exactly what you’re looking for. I will search word for word what I’m looking for and a lot of times I can get a few leads. I think for this method it’s better to be very specific since you will get so many results. Besides just finding actual businesses I think this is a good step because it also educates you about the place you’re going to.

A little education about where you’re going can help you discover things that are common there. Maybe there is a meal that is safe and is at pretty much every restaurant. This is especially helpful if you’re traveling with people who don’t have to make the same considerations about their food. It can really open up the places you can go and allows others to try places that may have not seen great at first look.

Look at Local Blogs

This is my secret weapon. It is not just because I have a blog lol! It’s because even though google has tons of contributors and reviews, no one knows a place like someone who lives there. I often search for bloggers who eat the way I do in whatever city I’m going to or food/lifestyle bloggers who have visited there. Their guides are always a wealth of information. They also give you some suggestions that may not pop up in search results. They also tend to give more honest reviews and tell you what to look out for. 

Beyond just peeping their blogs, I also suggest checking out YouTube vlogs and Instagram accounts. I will often search a tag like #ColumbusVegan and see where people are eating. This also a pretty fast to get a lot of different spots and to see which are the most popular. I did this before I went to Nepal and it was so helpful. Scott and I didn’t get sick the entire time we were there even though our friends without any restrictions did! Thank you social media!

Bars, Bars, and More Bars!

Not the kind you drink at, the kind you eat. There are so many awesome bars out there like Lara Bars or Go Macro that will actually satisfy you and are easy to bring along. I always pack my bag full of them and have them on hand in case that awesome restaurant changes something. I also bring chopped up veggies, crackers, grains and avocado. Anything that will take the edge off! 

I hope these tips were helpful and I’d love to know yours! What are biggest travel tips??? 


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