This blog was created so I can share my recipes withย my friends. I have always loved to cook and have owed several people recipes for years at this point. I usually cook like a grandma and just eyeball my recipes so I am excited to actually write them down. I am sure my husband will love tasting all the test batches!

I was a vegetarian for a large part of my childhood and then wandered away from that and then back again. In that time, I found out I can’t eat gluten and my husband can’t have dairy. My interest in cooking helped us ease into an entirely new lifestyle than we had before. It taught us that you can live without things and still feel full and fulfilled. At some point, I quite easily slipped into a mostly plant based diet. We also got much healthier in this process.

I try to have a very balanced approach to cooking. I will occasionally do something that takes a few hours or aย whole day and sometimes I am very “semi-homemade”. If I had a specialty it would be to take traditional recipes and make them plant based and allergy friendly. I will see a recipe and instantly start thinking about how it can be healthier and how I can adapt it to retain the qualities that make it so good. I want us to be healthy and also to keep us from feeling deprived.

I am not a professional in any way. I have been cooking since I was 13, but I haven’t ever taken a cooking class. I recently have enjoyed taking pictures of the food I make and I have no clue what I’m doing there either. I take and edit the pictures with my iPhone, haha! All I can offer is years of experimenting and research and a promise that everything on here is something I really made and really eat.

Please Enjoy!